10%r Shirts

Finally A 10%r product that will help you catch fish, JUNGLE CAMO. Now available in 3XL for the big boys Designed specifically for the stealth fishermen, Sight, Cast, Connect
Proving to be very popular and almost sold out
10%r Blue Flano
10%r back flano print
10%r's first blue water camo jersey will be available soon
Now available in 3XL for the big boys

Casual T Shirts

Hi and welcome to 10%r. Our first 5 designs have just been launched which include Breamin is for Bitches, Never underestimate, The way to a mans heart, Sight Cast Connect, and Top Water Addict. All designs with the exception of Never Underestimate have a 10%r front logo and feature print on the back. Never underestimate has a feature design on the front with a 10%r logo on the lower back shirt corner. All our shirts are white with at least 2 colours and are extremely high quality that will last for many years with a soft feel and snug fit.

Stayed tuned as over the next few months as hats, buffs, tournament shirts, rain coats jumpers and much more will be released.